The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don’t Know Yet (Part 1)

When a baby is born, it is a miracle and contain many mysterious things about people, about life. Did you learn about your baby’s body, you learned about how to care for baby fully developed how, but surely there are lots of interesting things about the baby that you don’t yet know.

The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don't Know Yet

Cute Baby’s Levels Did Not Decide the Appearance of the Baby In the Future

– Many people always wanting her baby will as beautiful as angels when born. But in fact, the number of people who achieve this desire no more. In contrast, all with lovely features, cherub with the expressiveness of cute and smooth skin. One more important thing, nice people (both men and women) are almost not as beautiful as Angels at the new born.
– A laboratory was given 20 shots at birth and as adults of 10 different people and ask the people who join reordering for right. All participants were confused, because they can’t find the similarity on the face shots at birth and when growing up. So if your child birth was beautiful, the happy thing is, if your child doesn’t look like thousands of beautiful photos that you have seen on the net, don’t disappoint me, time will change many things.

Premature Baby Out How Is Fair

– The truth is like that. You often think that kids are often selfish and always win each other’s toys, but in fact, babies recognized the fair from very early on. From 15 May onwards, you will be paying attention when adults divide food, toys or candies, that means children expect a fairness.
– The not fair of you in arbitration is the cause leading to the war between the babies together.Because if felt was not treated fairly, she will practice fair according to his standards.

The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don't Know Yet

Baby Realize the Change

– The baby enough, 10 years old would have just like adults about perception. When you see something for the first time, the baby will stare to remember and when there are any changes, she will realize.
– This is a feature you can use to practice the thinking as well as the observers for baby from very early, by giving the baby to see the paintings, and then change the details in the painting. Baby will realize after a long while.

Has Racism

In the civilized world today, there’s no one reviews a book through the cover of it. Thus, all people are teaching their child irrespective of race and treated equally with everyone. And you have to teach your baby to know this from very early on. Because according to a study by the UK, from 3 months of age, babies already know the distinction and have little more incentives for people of the same race with them.

She Has Moral Orientation

Baby has a moral sense from at 6 months of age. In one study, scientists gave the young see the puppeteer. The play extremely simple, a good role and a bad shoulder. After watching many times, babies are exposed to the puppet. As a result, all of the rooms are like the puppet plays well. This expresses a clear preference for the good ones.

Baby Can Distinguish Language

And in the womb, the baby was able to discern two different languages, if parents use the same two languages to communicate. Even the baby, can detect various languages by looking at the movement of the lips in about 4-6 months of age. Experiments were made with a video not turn, in which one person says the two different languages.

The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don't Know Yet

All Babies Born Are Swim

This secret may sound ridiculous, if the baby was born all know swimming pool then everyone will know when big swimming pool. According to research all babies born are known to swim this relates to the time period on Oct. 9, the baby floating in H2O environment in the womb and this ability will quickly lose when the baby was born.

Your baby’s Brain Contains About 100 Billion Neurons

Baby brain birth is formed by 100 billion cells and this number increases exponentially when your baby’s brain power began to grow. The baby-step phase is the period of rapid growth and change, cortical neurons (ahead and on the brain) was formed at the time of the baby’s birth, but cerebellar neurons is the area behind the brain taking active control, awareness and recognition, still to be formed in the first year of your baby’s life.