The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don’t Know Yet (Part 2)

Can parents do not know when the baby was born, there were about 270 bone patch when mature, then dropped to 206. All babies from birth up to always hide contains many interesting and mysterious thing that surely no one can explore. Especially for those when motherhood will be incredibly surprised or scared about your baby.



  • Music More Impact to the Child’s Feelings

– In babies, the signs were there but somewhat blurred. Accordingly, you may notice your baby will face off when listening to a sad song and when changing the tone, she’ll open your eyes and look intently for longer than 3-5 seconds.

– From 5 June onwards, babies will respond more aggressively. Kid feel happy and know the joy that comes from the tone. Baby clap, little eyes open longer to enjoy the music.

  • Baby Don’t Cry Out Tears

Don’t cry out tears is one of the mysteries of the baby that many parents are not yet known. Although the baby may cry a lot but the truth is that the baby does not cry out tears. Why is that?This is because your baby’s new born tears online has not really been fully developed soon after birth. At this time, the baby is often just enough to make the eyes a little straw r?m to make moist eyes not capable of flowing tears. The first baby’s tears can occur when babies 1-3 months.

  • All New Born Babies Are Suffering From Hair Loss

Most babies suffer from hair loss in the new born in the range from 3 months to 6 months of age to replace the new hair. After that, the new hair will grow to replace the hair loss. If the baby dry scaly scalp then it can make baby hair loss and prevent new hair growth. However, this is not a concern because the dry scaly patches may disappear or parents taking the way to treat the baby. So, after a period of time, the new baby’s hair will grow back. For many babies, it takes about a year (when the baby is a year old), then see the hair grows well and no longer fall as before.


  • About 80% of Babies Have a Mark On The

– This is a mystery of the baby will definitely make the surprised mom. The researchers previously showed that, of the three babies she left a mark on the body. The proportion of girls has more than boys.

– After the birth, the baby’s right patella cartilage is called tea cake, because they made completely from the cartilage. Even with the baby was a year old when x-rays, photos of the patella has yet to show. Right up until the baby is 3 years old, this new cartilage is gradually replaced by bone.

  • Unable Stretch Fingers

Babies can’t stretch the fingers out naturally as adults. The baby often clutching hands, even when you bend your fingers baby, it also automatically swept back soon after. The cause is the ability to control the brain’s still rude so baby can’t stretch the hand out.

  • Baby Just Born Has Been Myopia

The baby when born has an intuitive ability to see objects and colors. However, babies just look to be in the near distance, distant objects will appear dimmed and will not look as clear as the myopia. The baby can see the cubes crisp in about 20-40 cm. Special like the look on the faces of people than other shapes. However, it took months, the vision of the new baby full grown.


  • Babies Can Hear Very Clearly

Just 10 minutes after the birth, the baby’s auditory system was operational. Your baby can also recognize the voice of her mother within 24 hours after birth. In contrast, it takes about two weeks, the new baby can recognize your voice. Certainly the fathers will be very jealous about this clause.

  • Babies Are Very Sensitive to Smells

Before getting the faces be the mother, the ability to develop baby’s smelling good, evidence that the baby can get the mother breast very quickly thanks to the sense of smell. The ability to taste baby’s response contains many mysteries to date Science yet to know all.


  • Babies Have More Bones Than Adults

Adults often think that we have the number of bones on the person more than the baby because our body has been great. But in fact, this is totally incorrect. By birth, the baby’s body has 270 bone and then reduced to 206. The reason for such decrease in bone amount is due as then our bones grow up will link together into a block eventually make up the skeletal system.