Benefit and things to consider when choosing a Pack and Play

Parents want nothing but best for their baby. Therefore, they always make sure that everything that they get for their baby is perfect and does not harm the baby. One of such essential items is a pack and play. The Pack and Play have been using by the parents to keep the baby in one fixed location while they are busy doing other work. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you must give due importance to the selection process for buying a pack and play so that your child stays safe on it.

What are the tips you should consider while buying a best pack and play for your little one?  Let us find out the essential parameters here under:


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The Interesting Thing About the Baby That You Don’t Know Yet (Part 2)

Can parents do not know when the baby was born, there were about 270 bone patch when mature, then dropped to 206. All babies from birth up to always hide contains many interesting and mysterious thing that surely no one can explore. Especially for those when motherhood will be incredibly surprised or scared about your baby.



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How to Opt for A Suitable Food Sealer for Your Kitchen

Are you confusing with the food life as vegetable and meat? Here I will provide you a modern technological solution for solving your problem. That is vacuum food sealer. In fact, there are many resources to help you choose the best one. For example, in this article, I will offer you the essential information to select the most appropriate model among the best food savers reviews at home and kitchen blog

Tips for choosing the most appropriate food sealer for your kitchen:

  1. Option of the vacuum food sealer
  2. Select nylon bag of the vacuum food sealer
  3. Choose the function
  4. The related features
  5. Choice Of The Attached Widgets
  6. Opt for Brand
  7. Pricing Considerations
  • Option of the Vacuum Food Sealer


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Homemade Garlic Bread

I finally perfected this. I used my no knead baguette as the base for this. I make the baguettes four at a time and freeze them individually. Then I let it defrost in the fridge and used it to make the garlic bread. Saves money doing it this way, but you can always buy a loaf from the store in a pinch.

Homemade Garlic Bread

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No Knead Baguettes

Easy and tasty. You can eat the baguettes as is or use them to make and freeze for garlic bread. They come out so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can easily halve this recipe.

No Knead Baguettes

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Homemade Pizza with No Knead Dough

I have been dreading making this. I’ve been afraid of burning the crust, too much sauce, general screwing this up. I finally got up the courage to make this. Yet again I find myself wondering why the heck I waited so long! The dough I made a couple of nights beforehand. The sauce is my usual homemade pasta sauce. I crisped up some bacon and used that on the meat pizza along with the peperoni. The veggie pizza I used red onions and mushrooms. So many possibilities for you and your family! This is a cheaper and tastier version of store bought pizza.

I have gotten over my fear and will add this to my menu every month now. I halved this recipe so it would just make two pizzas. The full recipe will make 4 12 inch pizzas.

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Tartar Sauce

We eat a lot of fish in our house. Minimum once a week. I stock up on fish when it’s on sale in March during “frozen food month” and during Lent. Typically you can find many buy one get one deals and stack that with a coupon. Costco also deeply discounts their fish at this time. This is a very simple tartar sauce. I could never find exactly what I wanted in the bottled form so I’ve been experimenting on my own. You can double or triple this recipe easily, and add or subtract any spices. The cayenne gives it just the right bite, not too much or it’s overpowering.

Homemade Tartar Sauce

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